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Strategy session

Strategy session is the identification of a problem or task, the search for possible solutions and the development of an action plan under independent moderation and expertise.  

Для кого

Who is involved
in a strategy session

Strategy session is attended by the owners and managers of the company, who influence strategic decisions and create the main profit of the company.

What does a strategy session provide?


Goals, projects, resources

Based on the owner's ambitions and the company's goals, the main challenges, development lines, key projects, necessary resources (for marketing in particular) will be identified.

Advertising slogans

Advertising slogans will reflect the company's positioning and competitive advantages

Target audience

TA that will bring in the most money and to which the company's main communication will be directed will be determined. 

Sales channels

Features of sales channels and marketing decisions will be determined to avoid conflicts of interest between dealers and the plant

Reconstruction from competitors, positioning

Competitive advantages will be determined, which will favorably distinguish the company from competitors and become attributes of the company

Communication channels

In order to achieve the "heart" and "wallet" of the buyer, the communication channels used by the TA will be determined.

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